Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Self-Portrait, Experimentation

Self-Portrait, detail, 18"x 16"
watercolor and graphite on kitakata

I spent the second day of my vacation working on this self-portrait.  I used kitakata, an extremely thin and silky Japanese paper. I used watercolor, as well as a lovely chunk of water-soluble graphite. This paper is traditionally used for woodblock prints. Because it is so thin, it is difficult to control what happens to the paint as it is applied--but that also makes it fun! The paint bleeds and spreads. The paper ripples like the surface of a body of water. I plan to do a series of portraits and figure studies using kitakata.


  1. Beautiful work. I like your style! I want to follow your blog, but I can't paste it onto my blogroll because I have too many blogs on it. The only way I can become a follower nowadays is if you have the "Followers" gadget on your sidebar. Let me know if you put one up, I'd love to get all your updates!

  2. Lovely! I've never heard of the paper you are using but it does sound like fun. I would like to see a work in progress of the landscape :)

    1. Thanks Mary Jo! I hope to post another painting this week.